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Photo by Janaye Johnson


Taylor Rae Hillestad is both an artist and graphic designer living in the Twin Cities. She developed her passion for the arts by being exposed to it by her Grandpa Ray who was an artist, and by attended numerous art and design classes throughout her life. She graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute earning a BFA in Graphic Design, along with taking multiple painting courses.

She specializes in painting athletes, musicians, pets, as well as neon-noir themed portraits & cityscapes. Her work is expressed with exaggerated colors, neon light reflections, and splattered paint. For her mixed media work, she uses materials like sequins, rhinestones, & metallic scrapbook paper.

Her paintings have been featured in magazines, on TV, and displayed in galleries and restaurants across the country. They have been admired and collected by some of her favorite musicians, celebs, & athletes. Many of her music idols even invited her to their concerts to meet her and to see her work in person. Daryl Hall, from the legendary duo Hall & Oates, hung one of her paintings at his restaurant and music club in New York. It is seen in the background of his music show "Live From Daryl's House" on MTV & VH1.

Taylor also has been associated with producing a number of paintings for NFL and NBA stars. She connected with numerous players who own her work and have asked for various commissions, along with creating several donations that were auctioned off at charity galas and displayed at NFL games.

She enjoys balancing both of her passions in art and design, and always looks forward to what inspires her next.

For Taylor's Graphic Design work, visit

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